Our Philosophy 

FRAD believes that engaging the right partnerships and enhancing the abilities of people to be productive through increased access to information, resources, and skills creates pathways to positive transformation.

Our Projects 

IFRAD is operating a private sector led model in Northern Uganda and West Nile regions, with the ambition to scale to other geographical contexts. Our rationale for the choice of regions is based on household poverty rates of 46% in Northern Uganda, compared to 24% in Eastern. Youth are particularly impacted as result. Our systems – approach is aimed at solving poverty and youth unemployment at micro, meso,and macro levels.

Youth Empowerment and Engagement 

Through this project, IFRAD is building capacities of women and youth to start and grow profitable businesses. We are achieving this through a community based entrepreneurship and skills training program. We focus on foundations of business development, employability community micro-finance, as well as organizing and supporting local private sector growth.

Youth Empowerment and Engagement Project (YEEP) is a 3-year project (2020- 2022) funded by the European Union and implemented by International Foundation for Recovery and Development (IFRAD) in partnership with Oxfam and African Youth Development Link (AYDL).

The project is implemented in 4 districts of Northern Uganda and West Nile regions to include; Oyam, Gulu, Arua and Nebbi districts targeting over 2,500 youth both in and out of school with the overall goal of improving youth livelihoods and participation in governance and development processes in Uganda.

Youth Ignite Change 

With very systematic interventions at micro (sub county), meso (district) and macro (national) levels, the Youth Ignite Change Project empowers extremely vulnerable and marginalized adolescent’s women and youth with the necessary tools to become self-sustaining, reduce vulnerabilities, as well as take charge of their lives and those of their families. Through the project, IFRAD is equipping women and youth with entrepreneurship and life skills with the goal to; i) increase women and youth economic empowerment, as well as ii) achieving greater gender equality.

Skills Training and Innovation Centers

IFRAD is investing in place based skills training as opposed to mobile community trainings. Since 2020, IFRAD has supported the set-up of community based skills training and innovation center (STICs) in Arua, Nebbi and Gulu districts. Place Based STICs are community training centers that offer year-round trainings to young women and youth in cohorts. They are equipped hubs for building capacities of women and youth in various skills such as; entrepreneurship, agribusiness, vocational and other life skills. All participants enrolled at the STIC access business mentoring as well as Sexual Reproductive Health information and services. Training courses offered include; tailoring and design, cereal micro-processing, liquid soap making, sanitizer making, crafts making, conservation gardening, energy saving cooking technologies e.g. stoves and briquettes among other offerings.

Sexual Reproductive Health 

Our Primary focus is on empowering adolescents girls (12-17) and young women(18-35) to reach their full potential. We do this through a comprehensive adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) awareness and behavior change program. The program addresses some of the most pressing issues relating to sexual and gender based violence as well as menstrual health. We also address key bottlenecks towards access and utilization of sexual reproductive health and rights information and services. 

Sexual Reproductive Health Education 

Sexual Reproductive 
Health Rights Advocacy 

Health Service Camps