Goal: Young people in Mityana initiate steps that will lead to private sector growth and participate actively in governance and electoral processes.
In July 2015, Uganda Youth Network (UYONET) in partnership with International Foundation for Recovery and Development (IFRAD) embarked on a project dubbed “The Youth Engage”. The project was proposed as part of the Youth to Youth sub granting initiative under the DGF core funds to UYONET in a bid to grow the capacities of local organizations. The project was implemented in Mityana District mainly targeting the youth in the Mityana District Youth Private Sector Network. The purpose of this project is to contribute to the overall goal of UYONET’s National Strategy 2013-2017 aimed at increasing youth participation in governance and development processes through advocacy for youth friendly policies and programs. The Youth Engage Project was designed to provide and ensure a multi-stakeholder, non-partisan, participatory platform on which key issues that affect meaningful participation of youth in governance and electoral process are analyzed, discussed and jointly acted upon. The multi-pronged project focused on civic education, citizen’s mobilization and organization as well as capacity building of youth and youth associations in Mityana District with particular focus on Mityana District Private Sector Network. The project lasted for 3 months in implementation and laid a foundation for continued political engagement and accountability in the years to come, especially that young people are now more civically aware, but also that, some of the aspiring leaders engaged on the project may be successful in the elections and continue to provide political dividends for the project. Purpose: To meet the 16 group leaders and enlighten them about IFRAD, lay strategy on how to engage the young people in Mityana to actively participate in the electoral processes and activities as well as partnering with them on strengthening their district private sector network. Objectives • To introduce IFRAD and the Youth Engage project to the 16 youth leaders in the district • To distribute civic materials to the youth leaders • To discuss the National Youth Manifesto priorities • To share the work plan on sensitization and awareness campaign. • To decide on when and how to engage the spirants on the national youth manifesto (NYM) priorities Project outcomes  Rural youth in Mityana are more aware and are qualitatively participating in electoral processes and activities as reflected in the Electoral Commission Roadmap to 2016 elections. o (60% targeted outcomes to be registered among organized youth in business/youth leaders in civil society groups and local politicians)  Aspiring electoral candidates in Mityana interface with organized youth groups and sign a commitment of obligation on National Youth Manifesto. o (At least 50% aspirants at various levels will interface with the youth in “Face the Youth; Commit to the Youth” Dialogue Platforms).